Welcome to ESG Chemnitz!

The ESG is a Protestant student congregation at TU Chemnitz. We are students and university employees from different fields who regularly meet for community evenings, discussing, cooking, church services, prayers, and leisure activities.


We are striving to be open and inclusive, because God’s love for everyone compels us to stand against anything that harms or divides us from each other. So feel free to join us, no matter your ethnicity, abilities, citizen status, or religious expression. The ESG is also a place for pastoral care. You can talk to us, or to our Pastor Markus Löffler.


Our weekly events during the semester:
- Thursday, 7:00 pm: dinner, followed by a presentation, discussion, or a church service (see our program)
- Friday, 8:00 am: morning prayer, followed by breakfast

- additional meetings like bike rides, game nights, song and worship evenings to be announced


If you’d like to get weekly updates about our events, follow us on Instagram or sign up for our mailing list . It contains an English summary of our main events. Feel free to write us an e-mail  if you have any questions.


Most often, our events will take place at our ESG building (Straße der Nationen 72). That's the one with the red rooster.


Your are welcome to join us, even if you can´t speak German.

The main language of our meetings and events is German, but we are happy to help with translation.

Do not hesitate to ask us, if there are any language problems. We will find a solution.




Straße der Nationen 72, 09111 Chemnitz



committee: esg@tu-chemnitz.de

Pastor Markus Löffler: markus.loeffler@evlks.de